The Wait for 3DS is almost unbearable

July 1, 2010

Ever since the new Nintendo-handheld was announce lots of people are looking forward to it. And why not? There are so many good reason to long for this piece of hardware. It´s the next Nintendo-handheld. That alone is reason to get hyped. It has glassless 3D, which is absolutely revolutionary in terms of gaming systems, portable ones no less. And then there´s the games. Kid Icarus, Ocarina of Time Remake, Dead or Alive, Metal Gear Solid 3, and so on. It all comes together in one, seemingly, perfect piece of hardware. And then there´s one more reason.

That reason is: Independence. I´m not trying to be overly dramatic, but for quite some time now I have felt that it is really annoying to be dependent on your television. To have a room where you can put inside all that stuff. Bound to a power socket. The first time I felt like that was way back then when I imported Animal Crossing for GameCube. As interesting as the game was back then, it wasn´t a game that could motivate me for hours, when it was the only thing that I could use for the time being. Just wasn´t a comparison when Animal Crossing Wild World for Nintendo DS came out. Perfect game to play while watching TV. But that was a sentiment exclusively tied to that one game. Still, that marked the first time I ever thought about above mentioned dependence.

Now, however, with real-life intervening more and more often, it´s become a real hassle. Be it because of being away from home, or having trouble with the people you´re living with, or out of fear not being able to stay at your current place any longer. That would be the more serious reasons. And then there´s also stuff like not being able to concentrate on one thing for a long time in one sitting anymore. See my experience with Animal Crossing above. I´ve become a multi-tasking person. Well, multi-entertainment person, to be more precise. I like having the TV running even when I´m not actively watching. I like reading what people write in the IRC-channel I´m regularly visiting. And I like browsing a multitude of websites within mere seconds, just to see if something new happened. This might not be a problem to other people, but I hate being limited. That´s where a handheld comes in handy.

The final problem, however, was that no Nintendo-handheld could deliver good enough 3D-graphics. A PSP was never an option for me, as it´s all about games, and the games I like are not on PSP. Anyway, the 3DS finally changes that. Or completes it, to be more precise. GameCube-level graphics in the palm of the your hand – what´s more to want?! Of course, there´s other stuff, like 3D, and who knows what other features we´ll see, like hopefully proper music- and video-playback. The 3DS is the complete package. It´s the convergence of gaming entertainment. That´s why I can´t wait. Being in total control of my gaming urges, that is what 3DS is to me. Three DS? More like Free DS!