E3-conference times

May 23, 2011

Not much to comment on in these rumor-filled days. Or quite the opposite? Anyways, to keep you updated, here are the times for the three major companies´ E3-press conferences:

Microsoft: Monday/June 6th/10 a.m. PST (7 p.m. for Europe)

Sony: Monday/June 6th/ 5 p.m. PST (2 a.m. for Europe)

Nintendo:   Tuesday/June 7th/ 9 a.m. PST (6 p.m. for Europe)


Nintendo also published their own stream´s website already, which you can find here: Nintendo Press Conference Stream

See you in another life, brother

June 7, 2010

Only eight days remaining. Then the biggest moments will be over. Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony will have finished their E3-press conferences. And that will mark only the beginning. As for me personally, I´m close to losing it because of the hype about Zelda Wii and the 3DS. And that hype is only going to get worse from now on. That´s why this will be that last blog-entry before E3.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you all will enjoy E3 2010, video gamers´ biggest and most important event of the year. Whatever megatons await, we´ll get to know about it all starting with June 14th and be finished on June 15th. Guys, have fun,

we´ll meet again on the other side.

Why E3 2009 has to be big for Nintendo

May 2, 2009

There seems to be a big negativity hanging over Nintendo´s upcoming E³-press conference. Admittedly, looking at the 2008-conference, it´s understandable. Giving that matter a more logic approach though (and a bit more positive than negative, alright), points towards the complete opposite. Here´s why:

There is one big reason, and i´d like every gamer to seriously put that into his mind: In the whole of 2009, Nintendo has only released ONE game…at all! That game being ExciteBots. From what we know, there´s Another Code coming, and also PunchOut and WiiSports Ressort. E³ is in June, the middle of the year, and we have no idea what (or if something) else is coming. Now, would Nintendo, according to many gamer´s expectation, announce new “hardcore-games” as late as in October, the tenth month of they year, that would mean that there had only four games been released in a whole year, leaving no place for a high profile-adventure-game like Zelda, which wouldn´t be announced only one month before its release. Not even by Nintendo´s new information-policy standards.

I myself would be in complete disbelief if Nintendo only released four such “small” games in a whole year, that´s why i´m pretty sure and positive that this year´s E³ is going to be big. And even if someone might say “four games a year is more than enough” (lol), let´s add that none of these four mentioned games comes even close to the epic-adventure-appeal of Zelda, Metroid, or even Mario.

Maybe, to make the whole matter even more apparent, it has to be mentioned that not even the GameCube ever had a software-year as bad as the Wii´s year 2009 would be, were it only the above mentioned titles. A bit of positivism combined with ice-cold logic should be legit, i´d say.

One last thing i´d like to add is that despite the marketing-focus on “casual” games, this ominous “Nintendo only makes games for girls and grandpas anymore!” is just plain wrong. Nintendo is still creating a lot more normal games than training software. And to add a little fact to this argument: The relative flop of WiiMusic might also have taken its effect onto how Nintendo treats its system´s software-policy.

As always, there will always be disappointments to some extent, because deep down, everyone of us has too big expectations. But there´s no reason to act as if Nintendo has no chance at all for a great E³-showing, no, it´s even likely that we´ll get some really awsome stuff.