Casual vs. Hardcore – What´s next?

January 15, 2009

Just today IGN published a nice…no, wait, i hate political correctness, so let´s restart:  Just today IGN published a ridiculous, embarrassing article about the ten things that are destroying the video game industry. One of the points that made me laugh most was “- motion controls”. No further explanation. The second point that made me write this text was “casual games”.

And it reminded me of how ludicrous this nomenclature is. You see, back then i always thought hardcore gamers were those that find out about awsome easter eggs or get the highest highscores. Those that become so good at Guitar Hero that you have to pitty their life (not that i do that). Casual games, meanwhile were all games that, well, casual gamers played. Which was games like GTA3 or popular first person shooters or Gran Turismo. Also called “the mainstream”.

As for me, i can remember three generations of ridicule:

– kiddy vs. mature

– mainstream vs. hardcore

– casual vs. hardcore

What i´m asking is: What is next? If Nintendo presses further into the virtual reality market, i could see the following become reality:

– VR-gamer vs. RL-gamer (Virtual Reality-gamer vs. Real Life-gamer)

And as awful laughable that sounds…it would fit just fine in line with its precedessors. Beware of the crusade of RL-gamer, that praise how games should be played on a TV, while the other group enjoys the newest gaming experience.

PS: While i wonder how IGN can allow such an article to go online, i certainly agree with #9. I cant get immersed when i´m playing a girl. It´s even worse with anime, all good shows have female leads. So, certain mods of a certain board should get the sand out of their vagina instead of banning IGN from the whole board.