Waiting for next MotionPlus game?

September 9, 2009

Microsoft and especially Sony finally followed Nintendo and announced their own motion control device. Anyone who is interested in “true 1:1 controls” can already experience that by going out and getting a copy of WiiSports Resort. Other popular MotionPlus-titles have been Grand Slam Tennis and Tiger Woods. Those games are on the market for several months now, and one has to wonder: When´s the next big MotionPlus-title coming?

One obviously hyped game on that record is Red Steel 2. Personally, i´m totally de-hyped about this game when i saw that it doesn´t feature real 1:1 controls, but improved Red Steel 1-sword slashes. Also, anyone watching some videos will realize that Ubisoft didn´t understand that new controls alone aren´t enough. You have to build the whole game around those. And look there, already early impressions from last E³ gave feedback on how slashing all those enemies in Red Steel 2 becomes pretty exhausting pretty fast. No wonder with the amount of enemies Ubisoft is throwing at the player. That doesn´t work.

There´s a bunch of lesser quality MotionPlus-titles announced, but something big to look forward to is missing.

Now, I could go on about Zelda Wii, but not only don´t we know if it´ll feature MotionPlus (and if that´ll be only optional, you can as well forget about it), it also would be only one game some time at the end of 2010. So where are the other MotionPlus-games from Nintendo? Noone can expect third party-developers to jump on that new wagon, when they´re only just starting to use the normal Wiimote better.

Like many times before, the October conference will show how serious Nintendo is about their new, improved motion control device. Maybe Cosmic Walker? Who knows.