The following are the writers of Flying Fisch, introduced by a little text:


First initiator of this project. Known on not so many discussion boards, he always had a crush on special games and nerdy behaviour. Not only did he sell several consoles and rebought them, one of them a Tales of Symphonia-GCN from Japan, he also keeps complaining about how much he wants to play PES on PS2…but he´s sold his PS2. Wearing so-called pullunders, having traditions like the “drunk-thursday”, he´s a master of nagging, whenever you attempt to discuss something with him. Mostly by ignoring you for the next 2-3 hours. And don´t forget his very western music-taste and clothing-fetish. Nonetheless, all of the above make him just the right person to write for this blog.


Second writer of Flyling Fish, and fast-forward initiator. Thanks to Zeelich´s nagging-skills, this site would be online in about 3-5 years, not counting the time him yelling “wat :-o”. Known on oh so many discussion boards, Bickid is known for his Nintendo-liking-thingy. Well, one cannot deny that that´s not that wrong. Despite him being in love with Yoshi, he keeps waiting for “that” game. He does not know what “that game” is going to be, but he thinks it´ll be the next Zelda-game. Maybe he´ll be in for disappointment. Then again, he´s all for games that create a real experience. While it´s okay that most gamers play games for the fun time, he´s bored of those, thus favoring games like ICO or Endless Ocean. In the end, a showpiece member for Flying Fisch.


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